Why No on Measure U1


U1 is bad for Berkeley

The truth is a handful of Berkeley Council members are trying to score political points in an election year by proposing yet another tax hike—one they’re disguising as a solution to the housing crisis.

They don’t care about the predictable impact of their Measure U1 on Berkeley tenants or on Berkeley’s supply of rent-controlled housing.

And they can’t stand the fact that somebody stood up to them by crafting a common sense alternative, Measure DD.
Here are five facts you need to know about Measure U1:

  • It imposes a 166 percent increase in the gross receipts tax that landlords pay on rent they collect from residential tenants.
  • It exempts developers and big, out-of-town owners of new luxury apartment complexes—properties not subject to rent control, charging the highest rents, and changing the fabric of Berkeley.
  • It harms tenants because a tax increase of this size will get passed along in the form of higher rents, less money for property improvement or both.
  • It directs money from the tax into the city General Fund where Council members can spend it however they want.
  • And it means additional and unnecessary spending to administer and enforce a new two-tier tax system—one that punishes smaller, rent-controlled landlords while rewarding developers and owners of new luxury apartment complexes who will pay nothing.

Vote NO on Measure U1—because, with U1, Berkeley loses.

Then, Vote YES on Measure DD—commonsense tax policy to create and preserve affordable and below-market-rate housing. 

MEASURE U1 exempts these billion dollar development companies from Berkeley’s rental housing tax for 12 years.


Monthly Rental Price


Market Capitalization

Avalon Berkeley
651 Addison Street
Studio: $2,690
1 Bedroom: $2,870
Avalon Bay Communities, Inc. $25.44 billion
Fourth & U
2020 Fourth Street
1 Bedroom: $2,347 Essex Properties $15.16 billion
Library Gardens
2020 Kittredge Street
1 Bedroom: $3,613 Blackrock $58.67 billion
Parker Place
2598 and 2600 Shattuck Drive
Not on the Market yet. Lennar Multi-family Communities Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management $10.97 billion
$19.88 billion
Acheson Commons
1987 Shattuck Avenue
Not on the Market yet. Equity Residential $25.71 billion


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