Who We Are


Committee for Real Affordable Housing:

The Committee for Real Affordable Housing is the Berkeley campaign for fair, effective and accountable responses to our housing affordability crisis.

We are working to pass Measure DD, a way to increase revenue for affordable housing and homelessness prevention without harming landlords who are a primary source of below-market rate residential rental units in Berkeley.

How Measure DD Works:

It’s simple. Measure DD is an across-the-board increase in the annual Business License Tax (BLT) paid by owners of three or more residential rental units in Berkeley.

Currently, the BLT is 1.081 percent of gross receipts on rent payments. Measure DD would increase the rate by 40 percent to 1.5 percent of gross receipts.

Immediately, Measure DD will increase annual funding from this revenue source by 40 percent from about $3.5 million to approximately $5.0 million. Thereafter, revenue would rise year-after-year with corresponding increases in total rent payments.

Who We Are:

The Committee for Real Affordable Housing was formed and is sponsored by the Berkeley Property Owners Association (BPOA).

Established in the year 1980, the BPOA is a grassroots trade association of small, medium and large residential rental property owners.

As owners and operators of rent-controlled properties, its members are a primary source of below market-rate housing in Berkeley.

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